How we can view convert data after XSLT mapping & before Graphical mapp

October 11

Hello Friends,
Currently i am working on XI standard content. In this client need some customization.
In interface mapping, XSLT mapping on 1st position & Graphical mapping on 2nd position.
As per my understanding 1st XSLT mapping will be exected then Graphical mapping.
Can I see or check convert data from XSLT mapping.
I want to check data between XSLT mapping & Graphical mapping.
Kindly help me out.



Narendra GSTIT wrote:
> I dont want to test standalone XSL Code.
> The data which I get from Source interface and after XSLT mapping I want to check this that my XSLT code is going well or not.
> i.e. check for proper input & get proper output.
You have ro do standalone testing of the XSLT mapping.....Interface Mapping or Interface Determination will give you output message which will be that of message mapping (the last mapping)
What is the issue in testing the XSLT mapping alone?...may be in Stylus Studio.
Just ensure that XSLT mapping produces proper output and then this output message of XSLT is the input to your Message Mapping.....once the entire Interface mapping gets executed then it would mean that all the included mapping programs work fine.

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