How to get a Sum of rows, when i use the property max. rows p. page ?

November 30

Hi all.
I've got a query and get a lot of rows (amounts) back.
Now i want to have max. 21 rows per page.
So, first i used the property "max. rows p. page"=21.
But i want a have Sum-Field too, which shows the sum of the amount p. page at a >fixed place (bottom, left) at the page.
this didnt work well....
Because when i have 30 rows, then the sum will shown at the second page (because the sum-field its after the repeating frame).
...Now i forgot the property and placed a function and two placeholder in the query like this:
:cp_row:=:cp_row +1;
if (mod (:cp_row,21)=0)) then :CP_pagenr:=:CP_pagenr+1;
Placeholders: cp_row, cp_pagenr
Now i want to use :CP_pagenr to change the group - but Report Builder says: I cant... because placeholder are not allowed to change a group.
So.. perhaps anyone can give me a hint how i can do this ?
Thanks a lot...



that sound to me as you wanted a running total. check out the metalink knwoledge base and search for running total and you will find a note on how to do that.
the oracle reports team --pw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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