How to disable enterprise manager's security

November 30

I installed Enterprise Edition on RHEL 5.6.2 64-bit. I cannot start the EM because of security issues. Repository and EMD are using https. How can I disable all security mechanisms? This will not be a production database!
Thanks in advance!



user10962462 wrote:
$ emctl secure status dbconsole
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2009 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Checking the security status of the DBCONSOLE...   Done.
DBCONSOLE is secure at HTTPS Port 1158.
Checking the security status of the Agent...   Done.
Agent is secure at HTTPS Port 3938.So, what I need is the following result: instead of DBCONSOLE is secure and Agent is secure i want to see DBCONSOLE is not secure and Agent is not secure.
Does anyone know how this can be done?

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