How to convert from Ant project to maven project?

November 30

Hi, all:
Sorry for my entry-level question. Is it possible for me to convert from an Ant project to A Maven project from within NetBeans IDE?
Or, is there any method to convert from an Ant project to a Maven project using some command line method? Or, any standard method to do so?
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jiapei100 wrote:
any standard method to do so?Yes, use your brain. Learn ANT, learn Maven, write the new poms yourself so that you get the same results as your ANT script will provide. You cannot convert because ANT is a build tool and Maven is not; they have different purposes in life with only a small area of overlap. Asking for a converter is futile at best.
Note that Maven does have an antrunner task; anything special you do in ANT that is not available in Maven you can still facilitate by invoking ANT using Maven.

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