How to automatically reply to requestor when certain condition is met on a form

November 30

Just got SP 2013 and was hoping I could automate something. We have a form that a requestor fills out. At some point, that form will be marked "Received" or "Complete". I was hoping whenever those changed (went from nothing to received......nothing
to complete.....received to complete.....complete to received) that the requestor would automatically notified of the change via e-mail.
Such as...I mark is as complete. SP send the requestor an email saying "Your request has been completed" with a link to the original form.
Is there a way to make this happen or will I need additional components to make this happen? Im looking into downloading SP Designer, but since its for work, not sure if that will be well-received or not.



You can create a custom workflow based out of SPD and fire the workflow when the form is marked as Received and Complete.
it would require
just two steps -
1. If Condition
2. send an email action in SPD
here are some references -
Hope this helps!
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