How does apple know your mac has been exposed to cigarette smoke?

November 30

Just curious how apple employees are able to tell if your macbook has been exposed to cigarette smoke.  Are there sensors within the computer? if so is there a way to tell if my macbook pro has been exposed? im worried my computer might have been exposed to cigarette smoke for my friend is a smoker and he smoke near it a couple times. He didnt bloke directly at it or anything but im worried my macbook might have sucked in soome of the smoke. will this cause any permanant damage? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks a lot



Cigarette smoke contains a lot of nasty, sticky chemicals that will, over time, accumulate inside a computer. Since those chemicals are sticky, dust will then stick to the components. More chemicals build up on top of that, and the dust layer grows. Given enough time, this can build up an insulating layer on top of sensitive components that need to be able to dump their heat, and it can block vents or disable fans. And any damage caused by such build-up will not be covered under warranty.
Of course, it takes a lot of cigarette smoke and a lot of time for that to become an issue. For the sake of your computer, and your own lungs, don't let your friend smoke in your house, and don't hang out at his house when he's smoking. Too much time sucking up his second-hand smoke will kill both you and your computer. You may even help save his life if your refusal to hang out with him while he's smoking encourages him to stop.

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