How do I run a non-server program on Windows Server 2008

October 11

I currently run a synchronization software application on my desktop in order to backup and synchronize over 600GB of data.  I would like to install this on our server, which runs Windows Server 2008, but the software does not provide for installation
on this operating system.  I continue to receive a message stating that the software may not run properly on Windows Server OS, but it does not allow me to bypass this message.  Is there any way to create a partition or trick the software into thinking
that it is running on a different operating system or do I have to abandon Server 2008 and install a basic home operating system in order to run this software?  Any help would be tremendously appreciated.  



According to your description, my understanding is that you want to install an software which is not supported by Windows Server.
Try to install this software in other compatibility mode:
1. Right-click the installation program and select properties.
2. Select Compatibility tab, select the checkbox Run this program in compatibility mode for.
3. try to use different OS to install this program.
Besides, you may right-click the installation program and select Run as administrator.
Above are my personal suggestion and just for your reference. If the problem still exit, I suggest you to connect the software‘s support/form for better help.
If you want to backup date, I suggest you to use Windows Server Backup, you may reference the link below for detailed information:
Best Regards,           
Eve Wang     

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