How can I get rid of Apple Maps and Put the Google Maps back?

November 30

I wanted to know how to remove the Apple Maps and reinstall the Google Maps. The Apple Maps is a very inferior programme and not worth the space on the. Computer. It can't find anything. It's a complete waste of time.
So my original question is, how to get rid of it, and put the Google Maps back?



CHances are google maps are never coming back as part of the bundled OS. Apple and Google seem to have parted ways (possibly has something to do with Google having their apps on other devices from other manufacturers but no one knows for sure)
Since preinstalled apps cannot be deleted, the most you can do is ignore the icon, shove it back on a back menu page (I have a 4th menu page on my iPad containing nothing but the bundled apps I consider worthless. I just ignore that page and never go there) and then put a shortcut to google maps on your iPad or find a third party map app you like better.

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