Hosed WIndows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade in Bootcamp

October 11

I tried upgrading my 64 Bit Vista Partition on my 2008 Mac Pro and followed the instructions.
I first tried to upgrade my bootcamp drivers from 2.x to 3.x via my Snow Leopard DVD and when the updater ran I got an error that said that it could not update because a restart was pending. I just booted into Vista so there should have been no restart. Then the NVIDIA drivers then tried to install it got to about half way and hung. I tried rebooting and it wouldn't let me so I had to do a full power down.
When it rebooted my Mac Pro the video never came, up. I tried booting to safe mode, but there doesn't seem to be any safe mode. So I am going to attempt to do a custom install of Windows 7 over my Windows Vista 64 partition, by basically wiping the partition and installing. I am not sure how to do this safely. The instruction in the Boot Camp Installation and Setup Guide aren't specific enough for me to feel safe doing this without some guidance.
Has anyone else tried to do this.
Here is some information on my Mac.
My Bootcamp version under OS X is 3.0.1 (313)
My Mac Pro is a dual quad core (8 core)
I have three drives.
The main Macintosh HD drive in Bay 1
a 750 GB drive in Bay 2 with a Windows XP partition
a 750 GB drive in Bay 3 with the 64 Bit Vista Partition
How easy is it to just start the windows installer and go from there?



I don't know of a workaround for your situation, I'm afraid.

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