Hard Drive crawling along

November 30

Started up my computer this morning and my startup hard drive has slowed down whenever you try to access it clicking on the icon on the desktop or in a desktop window. I get the spinning beach ball of death and finder does not respond. I can still work on most other programs.
I can access any folder on the desktop or window without any problem.
Some programs, DVDSP for one, take several minutes to open the save or open window. Even having to wait to build. Happened with mail once or twice when I click on a mailbox.
I have repaired disk and permissions using Disk Utility, ran Disk warrior, and even activated root privileges.
I cannot even get info from the disk icon.
Have installed the latest software updates from apple. Cannot remember installing any software from yesterday to today.
Any help is appreciated.



Yes, use Applejack 1.4.3 at the first sign or before updating your system.
Why are you using Virus Barrier? Also, ClamXav use to make my system sluggish.
Tiger Cache Cleaner comes with Memtest and ClamXav now and does a great job of tuning and optimizing for broadband, Safari, and some of those maintenance things like launch services, update prebinding.
When in doubt, backup-erase-restore.
And keep your boot drive with lots of free space. 40% or more. And move your home folder even to another drive. Try booting from a single 10K Raptor for dedicated OS/apps (only).
Seeing that you ran Disk Warrior and there weren't any problems, I'm not sure what would cause it to be sluggish, but does that happen with a Safe Boot? some background tasks?
I had some folders that I was letting get big (in the past there was some kind of 1024 files limit to a single folder, wanted to see if 2048 or something was a "glass ceiling"). It took a lot of work to prune and move files out of those huge folders down into smaller manageable size of 500-ish folders, but it helped a lot. ClamXav was choking, as was Graphic Converter.

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