Got four in a frame ( pip ) lots of slivers.

November 30

I split one long clip into smaller clips all different durations then started to do a p.i.p. on four timelines making up a quad visual. When I started putting the clips together premiere started chopping little bits off the clips so that one on top would line up with one on the bottom etc. I ended up with a nightmare of these tiny little bits of clips all over the place and getting the larger clips to stay put was a task in itself resulting in even more slivers. I am sure there is some setting that I can turn off to prevent this, I hope. Could someone tell me how to do this please.



Don't worry about taking your time to get to the bottom of the problem. It took me a try, or two, before I realized what was happening. Had I not experienced the same and looked into the cause, back with the release of PrE 4, I would have been stymied as to the cause too. That behavior does not exist in PrPro, at least not that I have observed. When I first got PrE 4, and began playing with it, I was doing things pretty much as I had done for years in PrPro. Bang! Next thing I knew, I had sheared off a bunch of Frames. I could not understand what had happened. I then went more slowly, and it was not happening. I kept playing with it, until I WAS able to duplicate the situation, and realized that it was the "force" that I was exerting, when I butted-up the Clips. With just the right amount of "force," I could get that shearing every time. I then realized why so many PrE users were posting that they were finding "orphan" Frames out beyond where they thought their Timeline should end.
What they were doing was loading a lot of Clips in the Timeline, and then using the Scissors/Razor Tool to Trim their Clips (not doing the Trim in the Source Monitor with set In & Out-points. They'd be left with a gap (they could have used the Rt-click>Delete and Close Gap) and were quickly moving the edited Clip against the preceding one with enough force to shear off a Frame, or two. These were going to the end of the Timeline. After completing their editing, they had shortened their Timeline, but those "orphans" were still out at the end of the Timeline, and without scrolling, or zooming out, could not be seen. They'd Export/Share their files and have maybe five minutes of black video, followed by a bunch of single Frames with black between them.
I always do a zoom out (using the \ Backslash key) to see the entire Timeline, and also match up what I think my Runtime should be vs what my Program Monitor reported as my Runtime. They should match 100%. In my case, I'd been known to leave little, unused Clip pieces out at the end. Most often, these were not meant to be used, but sometimes they were just forgotten by me. As the Timeline decreased, as I tightened up edits, these "orphans" were left out there in space. Sometimes I'd find something that I just forgot to add, and would move it, as required. Most often, these were just deleted, as they were discards.
One is always learning. That is what makes getting up in the morning great for me - I'm gonna' learn something new!
Happy Editing,

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