GLC: Recorded video has red and green flashes

November 30

I tried Googling for a solution but GLC appears to be such an obscure program that none of the results are even related
I finally got GLC working mostly correctly on Arch64. It records my game in Wine, but when I play back the video it has a red or green "flash" every few seconds that is really disruptive. I know glc-capture has a bunch of options, but I'm not sure what most of them do so I was hoping somebody knew how to fix this problem without me trying different combinations of options until something hopefully works.



Alright I've done some more playing around with it but I don't think I'm any closer to a solution.
I've tried pretty much every command line switch to GLC that I think could have any effect at all but nothing changes. The game in question I'm trying to record is EVE Online. The intensity of the flashes seems to vary throughout the recording, here's what I can gather:
- No flashes at all during the login screen (which does have a bunch of 3D rendering, it's not just a flat text box or anything)
- Moderate flashes when flying in space, primarily when I try to pan the camera
- Video goes to complete garbage when I dock in a station. Not a single frame from inside the station is output to the video, it just loops the last in-space frames with lots of colors and other garbage obscuring the screen
I can upload a video if anyone thinks it would help. I'd really like to get this working, GLC appears to be the only program under Linux that can be used to record games. It seems like I'm so close to a solution yet so far away.

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