G5 automatically restored itself to factory settings!

October 11

Today my Mail app got locked up... I quit it, then quit all other apps and restarted. Now my G5 has restored itself to the original factory settings...!
All of my other applications are still installed, but none have a memory that they were ever used by my machine (Fetch which has also lost all of my shortcut settings), browsers (favorites are gone), Mail (completely empty), iTunes (completely emptied out 3,000 songs), address book (now empty), and software that I puirchased online and activated with an activation key now wants me to re-enter my activation key. Fontbook also dumped all my fonts and the stuff that was on my desktop is gone.
My files are all ok otherwise...
Is this a KEYCHAIN issue, or a hard drive problem? Please help!!!



Try the normal "repair from alternate drive" as well as Safe Boot, repairing permissions, running fsck to repair the startup drive. Even rerun the combo standalone update to 10.4.9 again - while booted from another boot drive.
Type "log in" in Apple Support search of knowledge base.

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