Frame (no) resize not browser consistent - help.

November 30

I've got a simple left frame/right frame setup. I have my
navigation frame set for no resizing and it works great in Safari,
but no other browser. If I resize the window, the main content area
pushes over the navigation frame. In Safari, it works perfectly.
Any suggestions anyone?



Tangier Clarke wrote:
> Thanks Gary, but I am not clear on something. First I
don't have the
> option in Dreamweaver (2004) to type in diret frame
sizes. I checked
> the properties inspector as well as tried to see my
options while
> typing code (when DW prompts you for code options to
choose from).
> Here's the site by the way as you can see in a
non-Safari browser
> that by resizing the entire window, my right frame
starts cutting
> into my left frame.
You have this:
You want this:
This may help too:
Articles and Tutorials:
The perfect FAQ page:
CSS-P Templates:
CSS Tab Menu:

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