Few fundamental Question- Project IMG and BBPs

November 30

Dear All
I have few basic question and will appreciate answers ,. points will be awarded as well.
1. Is there any difference between Enterprise IMG and Project IMG ( or is there any thing such as Enterprise IMG exists in Solman).
2. Can scope of project IMG be changed once it has been creted and saved. ( if yes then Steps plz)
3.How to create BBP nodes in Solar02 based on Project IMG.



Hi Nayab,
1. In simple terms, Project IMG is a sub-set of Enterprise IMG, based on what you scope in. It can also be a mirror image of Enterprise IMG (meaning - all entries can be included in Project IMG). If you go to SPRO transaction in the given satellite system (R/3, CRM ...), you'll find different icons in front of each IMG node, under Project IMG - that is to let you 'document' your activities. Enterprise IMG is the core or reference IMG that SAP provides out of the box.
2. Yes. it can be changed. But, I am unable to list steps here
3. By BBP nodes in SOLAR02, what did you mean ? I have heard the term BPP (Business Process Procedure) or BB (Business Blueprint). Can you elaborate please.
Also, the whole topic of Project IMG Vs. Enterprise IMG is about the satellite system involved  and not on SolMan's own configuration.

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