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November 30

I am using FM BP_EVENT_RAISE and after the execution it's subrc eq 0.
and where can i see whether that particular event has triggered or not?
and I would like to see what subsequent steps performed after the event.
Thanks in advance



Hi Praneet,
YOu must have batch administration authority (authorization object S_BTCH_ADM with ID BTCADMIN = Y) for you to see Event History option in SM62.
I am able to see Event History in my system (ECC 6.0).
If the event was raised from within the SAP system by using the RAISE method of the CL_BATCH_EVENT class, you must check the name of the application server.
       1.      For processing events, an application server is specified in the profile parameter rdisp/btcname.
       2.      An event-based job scheduler is started on this server. This checks whether there is a job which is waiting for this event which has occurred (see Analyzing Parts of the Runtime Environment). It is important that the parameter rdisp/btcname contains the name of an active application server.
       3.      Execute the ABAP program RSPARAM on the server on which the event was raised. This program displays the values of all active profile parameters on the server.
       4.      Check whether the name specified in rdisp/btcname is found in the list on your application server.
       5.      Another possible cause of errors is an invalid event name. Check the system log for the server on which the event was raised for entries indicating this kind of an error .
If the event was raised from outside the SAP system (via the evt program at the operating system level), record a trace and check the trace file.
       6.      If you want to raise events from outside the SAP system, that is, from the operating system level, you can do this with the SAP program evt (see also Starting External Commands and Programs).
       7.      If you specify the -t option when calling evt, then a trace file with the name dev_evt is created. If evt discovers any problems, you can read about these in the trace file.
Hope this information helps. Rwd points if helpful.

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