"Error writing to file" when installing Oracle9i

October 11

I am fairly new to Oracle and have not been able to install Oracle 9i on my Redhat 7.2 box. In three attempts to install I have encountered the same error at some point, usually early on 5% or 10% into the install.
The error is:
     "Error in writing to file /usr/oracle/product/9.2.0/olap/wrksht/wks.jar"
However, it has not happened on the same file each time. I have stopped the installation of that component, but it encounters the same error on other files. I have tried redownloading the oracle disks and reinstalling, but to no avail. I read on one posting that Oracle needs to have glib2.2(rather than glib1.2) installed, so I downloaded it and will be trying that later today. If anyone has encountered this error and knows how to solve it I would appreciate the help. Below I have listed my computer configuration and I have attached the portion of the install log that identifies the error that takes place.
     Here is my setup:
     Dual boot system running Redhat 7.2 and Win2k      server.
     Pentium III 400 MHZ
     256 MB of RAM
     30 GB Hard drive split in half-- 15GB for linux      15GB for windows.
     The mount points for linux are
     /          400 MB
     /boot      400 MB
     /home          1GB
     /tmp          600 MB
     /swap          600 MB
     /usr          12GB
     ORACLE_HOME is /usr/oracle/product/9.2.0
     all data files and software are under /usr/oracle
     Portion of the install log:
Starting install install phase 1 of component Oracle OLAP Worksheet
Calling query areasQueries2. getProductHome
name = oracle.swd.jre
startVersion =
endVersion =
acceptCompatible = null
Query returned : /usr/oracle/jre/1.1.8
Setting value of JDK_ROOT to /usr/oracle/jre/1.1.8
Calling action fileActions2. copyGroupFromJar
     selectedNodes = null
     copyGroup = worksheet
     permissions = 644
     owner = null
     group = null
     copyAsText = null
     JarLoc = /tmp/OraInstall2003-01-23_03-02-09PM/temp57
     gpEntries = [[xsjwork.jar ->%ORACLE_HOME%/olap/wrksht/xsjwork.jar 1803268 plats=1=>
Exception thrown from action: copyGroupFromJar
Exception Name: IOException2
Exception String: Error in writing to file /usr/oracle/product/9.2.0/olap/wrksht/wks.jar
Exception Severity: 2
*** Cancel Dialog:  ***
User selected: Stop installation of all products.
Exception handling set to prompt user with options to  RETRY  IGNORE
User choice : User selected stop installation of all components
Error in writing to file /usr/oracle/product/9.2.0/olap/wrksht/wks.jar
Unable to read the list of homes from the inventory.



Did you guys finally find solution to the problem?
I have been trying to install Oracle on redhat 8.0 box, for ages now. I get the following error first during install
Error in writing to file libclntsh.so.9.0
Then it is a series of errors, similar.
In the end there is the dreaded linking error... for the ins_rdbms.mk sdo_on
i just cant handle it.
What the hell is wrong?
I have done everything right as far as i know... any solutions?

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