Error Message - ONCOREFoundation7.dll is missing

November 30

When I launch the Editor in Photoshop Elements 11, I am getting a message that says "The program can't start because ONCOREFoundation7.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."  Despite this message my Editor comes up and seems to be working fine.  I recently installed a trial version of OnOne PerfectResize and found that my Intel chip will not work with any of the new OnOne's add ins, so I reinstalled the older version of OnOne Essentials (..I use their frames a lot with my photos).  I am not sure if this message has something to do with Photoshop Elements 11 or with OnOne software. Should I be concerned and can anyone help me with this?



I have had this problem with PS CC, and I do have OnOne software installed. Even though I got this warning, my software worked just fine, so I ignored it until now.  Today I decided to search for it. I use a free program called "Everything Search" (, it searches only files, so it is fast. Anyway I discovered that I had  6 to 8 installations of this library on my system. At any rate I was not missing the file.  It turns out that it may be the other way around, the file may exist, as in my case, but the files that use is may be gone.  I discovered it was present in my CC folder, which I hoped and expected. But I also found it my my CS6 folders, the problem is that I had uninstalled CS6, but the uninstall had left several copies of these files and nothing else in my CS6 folder.  I deleted the folders as I did not  need them.  I relaunched  CC, and no problem.  So I would suggest searching your drives for all copies of this file. If you find copies in a defunct folder, delete it.  If this does not work, then I would suggest uninstalling the OnOne software, delete ANY copy of this file, then reinstall the latest version you have, that m ay solve the problem.

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