Error Happened at RFC Server Cannot Open the Job Batch File.

October 11

We have BW 7.0  and Data services 12.1. We are scheduling a Infopackage in BW that triggers a job in Dataservices server.
We had checked the connection between Dataservices source system in BW and RFC server on Dataservices side and these connections are good. on the 3rd party sellections tab in infopackage we specify the batch file name that we exported in Dataservices server. When we execute the infopackage we get the following error.
Error Happened at RFC Server Cannot Open the Job Batch File.
This error started occuring from yesterday and prior to that it was working fine. We are not understanding what changed in the system to cause this error.
Can anyone suggest any solutions for the above issue.



I'm not sure what the root cause would be here. Is the file still available ? Did file permissions change ? ...
But I wanted to point your attention to the fact that in Data Services/Data Integrator XI 3.2 (=12.2) we significantly enhanced the integration with BW. In XI 3.2, the RFC server is now integrated into the Data Services Management Console (so no need to start as a seperate executable) and you can start jobs from BW by just specifting the job's name in the repo (no need anymore to export execution commands to .bat files). So if upgrading to XI 3.2 is an option, things should go much smoother.
More details on the wiki  :

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