Email (Outlook) calendar issue with P780

November 30

I configured my corporate email and sync calendar event. The calendar appointment was not showing in order.
For ex
3PM meeting showing first, 10am meeting showing second, 5pm meeting showing 5th, 8pm meeting shoing third. that means the appointment showing in random order. I have selected Calendar to do list in wiget. It showing wrong time. It adding appx 2.30min more. that means If i have a meeting @ 10:30AM it showing as 1PM. What would be the issue
I checked with few friends who use the same model. They too face the same issue, 



I bought a new Lenovo P780 on sunday and after configuring my office email, I too experienced the same problem. The stock calendar application and the widget does not show the correct meeting time and the sequence of the meetings. The look and feel of the widget and the application is very poor. 
I then decided to dump the built-in calendar app and downloaded a calendar application from the Google Play store "Cal - Calendar Google/Exchange" beveloped by and the problem got resolved. This application is amazingly awesome with great user interface and has got an excellent widget. It has ton of feature that no desktop application can provide. I strongly recommend you install this app and have a great calendar experience. 

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