Dual-Boot Your HP TouchSmart With Windows Vista and Windows 7 in Three Easy Steps

October 11

Good article on creating a dual-boot environment. Here
HP Product Expert for the Officejet Pro X Series.
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claudecat87 wrote:
 We have two computers in the office, and i am usually on our dell comp, while my bf uses the touchsmart. We just came home to find that our computer had shut itself off on its own. upon starting it, the computer would only get as far as showing the HP screen (a blue screen with a hand and objects flowing from the hand) and the four menu options { F10: setup" esc: boot menu' F11 system recovery F9 :diagnostics}. At the bottom right side of the screen it also says v 5.10. Now, when we have pressed any of the options, the computer does nothing. It would appear that perhaps the computer can not tell windows 7 to boot or something. Unfortunately we do not have the install disc either...  Any thoughts?
Seems like it's stuck at the POST Screen, and nothing's responding.
I suggest removing all the USB and peripherals plugged into the PC and leave only the power and the USB keyboard receiver- nothing else.
Then try turning on the computer, if it doesn't work, I don't think there's any fix except to keep trying.
If you can get in, i suggest making a backup as soon as you can.
After that, if it still does it, then call HP at 1-866-408-5408 or chat with them at : http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/contact/chat_1.html
I have more HP devices than you'd expect.
1 HP TouchPad 32 GB with Android
2 HP Touchsmarts (310-1000z and IQ527)
2 HP Printers (J6480 and J5750)
1 Laptop (HP DV6253CL)
Have at least some experience in each of those devices, and i'll do my best to help you.
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