DROPPED FRAMES on Apple Pro Training Series examples?

November 30

I getting dropped frames a lot and I am just doing some of the examples in the Apple Pro Training Series. The book came with a cd and thats what i am using as footage. Recent upgrade to FCS3
1) I have a dedicated internal harddrive 800gb open 7200rpm ( is there a faster rpm with out going raid?)
2)NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT ( is this enough to handle HD footage?)
3)9gb RAM
4) chose easy setup dv/ntsc / all formats / all rates
I tried unlimited and safe RT and get dropped frames with both
5) 2x2.66 dual core FB DIMM
6)leopard 10.5.8 ( i know not to go SL based on the other post)
I am looking at getting a Panasonic AG-HPX170.... do i have enough in my mac pro to handle this
footage? or should i be looking at different hard drives and or video cards?
dave kc
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Just to eliminate the possibility of a bad drive or wonky connection, try running a disk throughput test.
Do you have the AJA drive test app? If not, it can be found on their website under the Kona 3 tools and utilities (AJA System Test).
Download it and run it to test the throughput of the drive.
For an internal sata drive with a lot of free space, you should see read/write speeds well in excess of 80 MB/s.

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