Does the Lumia 822 work with ANY bluetooth headset...

November 30

I've got four different Samsung bluetooth headsets, and they all work great with other phones.  I canNOT get them to work with my nokia though.  They connect fine and seem to work, but once I'm on the phone for say, 45 minutes or so, they just stop working.  The call is still connected, but its like the connection to the headset is lost.  It THINKS its still connected, but I can't hear the other party and they can't hear me.  
The phone needs to be restarted in order to get it working again.  I sent the phone back to verizon, but the replacement is doing the exact same thing.



hi mate,
the Portico update that has been announced to have rolled out to devices around the world as of last week, has addressed a lot of Bluetooth issues. you may wait for this, and contact your carrier Verizon, to see if they can give you a firmer date for when the update will be released to the public.

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