Docflow link to ITEM - urgent

November 30

Hello CRM ICWC gurus,
need help please,
I have a follow up document available for a service order,
I need this follow up document link attached to a specific item in the service order,
This is possible in GUI, but looking for the possibilites from ICWC,
Please any body can add some light onto this,
thanking you in advance,
full points will be rewarded,



Hi Laxman,
Thank you again,
I didn't do any genil enhancement,
The problem is when i send the following parameters during the doc flow creation at the item, it simply discards, i have done both at genil and as well in the coding,
REF_GUID     FCCCE247E018E85CE10000000DDF2422 (service order Item Guid)
OBJKEY_A     37EAE647B1C0E65CE10000000DDF2422 (Follow up document for the service order)
OBJTYPE_A     BUS2000117
OBJKEY_B     FCCCE247E018E85CE10000000DDF2422 (service order Item guid)
OBJTYPE_B     BUS2000140
RELTYPE                    VONA
RELATED_GUID     8117E247E018E45CE10000000DDF2422  (service order Header guid)
POSNO                    000001
Do you think i am missing anything,
thank you again,

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