Distributing iBooks VPP Codes

November 30

We are setting up iPads to be used in training and have a need to distribute purchased ePubs via iBooks.  VPP codes for book titles have been purchased from the Education VPP Store, along with VPP codes for apps.  Distributing the apps is a non-issue as we can use our MDM solution, AirWatch to do this.  Distributing the iBooks VPP codes is the real issue.  A user can manually go to iBooks and click Redeem but we are trying to find a more efficient way to get them the codes for up to 10 books each user will need to redeem.  These iPads will not be set up for email so we cannot send the codes using that method. Apple Configurator doesn't seem to have a method for this nor does AirWatch. 
Would appreciate any thoughts on the subject.



How were the VPP codes distributed to the iPads? If you used Apple Configurator and had the iPads "Supervised" you could return the VPP codes to Configurator by unchecking all apps in the Supervise - Apps window. Then after restoring to the earlier backup (supervised) you could re-add the apps.
If the VPP codes were distributed by unsupervised configurator or by MDM, unfortuantely you won't be able to re-use the codes. If the codes were emailed out, the redeeming Apple ID could redownload the apps under Purchases.

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