Deploy to Apache in 9i Rel2

November 30

Hi, I'm learning Jdeveloper and tried the tutorials for creating JSP/BC4J. I substituted the OE schema for one of my own and ran the tutorials. I created pages just fine, and ran them in the self-contained server that you use to test with.
However, I am running the stock Apache Server that comes with Oracle 9i Rel2. How do I deploy to that server? I tried creating a .war file from Jdev, then extracting it to my document root/application_name (useradmin is what I called the app). When I go to execute I get this error:
Error Message: JBO-26001: XML File not found for the Container useradminjsp.cpx
I'm wondering if this approach does not work for the old Apache that comes with Oracle. Is it more complicated than just copying the files to the server directories? Also, is there a place to find what those JBO errors are? It would be nice to be able to just look things up.
I'd prefer not to upgrade my web server, as not everybody I'm going to be dealing with in the future will have that option. I can, if I have to, but my potential clients (keeps fingers crossed, nothing going yet) might have some grief.



Shay, I appreciate the help, but I think I'm a little too green for this. The Apache Server that comes with Oracle 9i Rel2 doesn't seem to have the OC4J server. If it does, I'm not sure how to tell what I have. I know I have the proper JSP container, as I am able to run JSPs.
In the file that comes with Apache, it references some ocs4j files in the classpath, but I don't think that is enough. Most of the doc I have read refers to copying BC4J files into the proper OC4J directories. I don't have those directories, so that is why I am assuming I don't have a full OC4J installation. Does that come with the stock Oracle Apache installation?
If this topic is too juvenille for this forum, please feel free to contact me via email. It is in my profile. I don't fully understand some of the terminology regarding deployment. I do understand XML, and I have over 20 years as a developer, but trying to match up all of the pieces is a little too much.
What I am trying to do is create an application that some friends think I can sell. I have a great data model, and some business logic inside, but using the various Java tools and web servers is a little overwhelming. I feel like if I can get over the hump on the deployment, I can really contribute to the world of software. Seems like these tools, once properly learned can be powerful.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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