Daughter Lost Iphone 5S.  It is not showing up on Icloud when logged in, and figure the battery is dead.  Any suggestions?

October 11

Daughter Lost her Iphone 5S two days ago.  Initially thought it was misplaced at friends home however have searched endlessly without luck.  Icloud may not have been set up previously ( Im not entirely sure) however when logged in on a computer the Find my Iphone through Icloud does not show her device so assuming it was not.  Therefore cannot see it there of lock it.  Any suggestions?



If you don't see it on the devices list in Find My iPhone, it probably wasn't enabled on her phone.  Also, the phone must be turned on with a connection to the internet in order to be located even if Find My iPhone was enabled.
If Find My iPhone was enabled there is no way to track it.  All she can do is physically look for it or call her number to see if someone answers.
You might also want to read this: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5668.

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