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October 11

Hi All,
We have implemented Item Interest Charges for Customer w.e.f Feb 12
We executed the Interest Run for Jan.12(our first cycle). and the system has posted Interest document for all relevant customer with applicable interest rates in Jan12.
In Feb12, we received a receipt from a customer for (whom we executed the Interest run) specific to a sales invoice.
When we tried to clear off the sales invoice the system does not allows to process customer receipt because interest amount has not been paid by customer.
Accounting department don't want to process Partial/Residual payment for the above transaction.
Now our management requires that we must have an option to set off the interests charges separately and the interest charge must not be included with sales invoice on customer receipt.
Lets take an example (for one customer with same currency)
Sales Invoice 1. 10000EUR
Sales Invoice 2.  5000EUR
Sales Invoice 3. 15000 EUR
Total Open item 30000 EUR
Interest Calculated for the above invoices (line item) Doc No Interest .1
Interest Amt : 100 EUR (Sales Invoice 1)
Interest Amt : 50 EUR (Sales Invoice 2)
Interest Amt : 150 EUR(Sales Invoice 3)
Overall Balance end of Jan12 (after Interest Run) : 30300 EUR.
We received a payment for Sales Invoice.1for 10000 EUR on 5 Feb 12(customer has not paid  the interest amt for sales invoice.1)
When we process customer receipt (F-28 or F-30), the system is showing an details as Gross : 10000, Partially  Paid Amt 100- and when we select the specific invoice the system  displays an overall 10100 EUR.
Now our Question is that, is it possible to clear individual sales Invoice (with its original value) and Interest charge separately.
i.e as per the above case  10000 EUR separately & 100 EUR separately or entire interest amount (300EUR) separately, two different customer receipts.
As customer state that he will pay the Internet amount separately (as we have generated the Invoice for interest charges) might be complete 300 EUR in single payment or partial.
Can you provide any lead/workaround to  overcome this scenario.
We are in ECC 6.2.
Do revert



Found the solution. Just remove the tick from Include Invoice editing option.

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