Create project from template failed with "badly formed pathname" error message

November 30

I am trying to create a project from a custom template, but I am getting the following error message prompt:
LabWindows/CVI could not create
because of an error: Badly formed pathname
However, when I checked the target project directory, I see the project files are copied correctly.  I don't know if there is something missing from our custom templates?  Of, if there is something wrong with our custom template?
I am using LabWindows/9.0
Thank you.



Hi Peggy,
Did I understand you correctly that the files for the new project appear to have been created, but the error dialog still shows? In addition to Wolfgang's suggestions, take a look at the help section on New Project and File Templates. This describes everything that should be needed to create a custom template. Also, try to create a new, very basic custom template and make sure that you can use it successfully. If you can, start adding in the functionality of the original template, and test along the way. Hopefully either this new one will work once you finish, or you will see at which point it is breaking, and we can debug from there.
Best Regards,
John M
National Instruments
Applications Engineer

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