Crashing iTunes 7.1.1 leads to QuickTime issues

November 30

Updated itunes on this laptop that my friend uses on the road with her ipod. Once it was updated it won't run any longer. It either crashes with the generic error "The program c:\etc etc.\itunes.exe is going to shutdown. Do you want to create a dump?"
so what have I done?
virus scan/spyware scan
Uninstalled iTunes
Tried to uninstall QuickTime but keeps failing
removed all quicktime from registry, and deleted directory in program files. Downloaded MS's uninstaller utililty and still no Joy. I can't seem to Install it now. It goes through the installation process says it's done, but when I try to get in the QT control panel, I get a rundll error, exception for quicktime.cpl
Any suggestion?
Toshiba Satellite A45-S151   Windows XP  



I didn't see a way to edit my original post. but I did figure it out finally.
Used the windows uinstaller to remove quicktime
deleted quicktime directory
deleted all quicktime related prog/dll/etc in system32(This is what I had forgotten to do previously)
reinstall QT
It works. Can even opne the control panel
installed iTunes
it works now
Everything is working as it should be.

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