Clob Query.

November 30

Hello Gurus,
Please let me know if you have done the following before and if so how -
We have a table in a remote oracle db (we have connection to it) which has a clob column. We want to create a text file which has insert statements for all the rows in that table. We will use this to create the table locally. The trick is it should have the values in the clob column as well. In toad it looks like it does not get the values.. Any help will be appreciated..



If you want to retrieve an XML document and manipulate it, I would suggest using the DOM or SAX API. These are industry standard API's for manipulating XML. Also, look at Intermedia Text for fast index-based searching on XML documents stored in the database.
My website,, has some good info on getting started with DOM and Intermedia Text.
Hope this helps,
Jason M Cohen

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