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November 30

I'm using Apex 3.1 and I've created a branch on a page using the following url I found in the documentation:
This should clear cache on page 6003 from app 6000, set MY_ITEM to 1234 and return to the same page.
Apex interpreted the link and put page 6003 in the clear cache box of the branch's properties. For now all sounds great, the only problem is, that it doesn't actually clear the cache. The url appears in the browser except for the page before the item setting, so it doesn't clear any page caches.
Is this a bug or is there an option I'm missing?
Thank you,



Could you be a little more clear on what you are trying to do?
if you use the following url for example:
this will take you to page 6003 in application 6000 and clear the cache for pages 6004 and 6014. if you are finding items with values populated, most likely that they are being set by some process after the cache has been cleared.
Also, how are you checking if the cache for the other pages have been cleared? Have you confirmed that you are not populating the items on these other pages as you are are navigating to that page?
Use the session link on the developer toolbar immediately after you make you original navigation to clear the cache to check the relevant pages - you should expect to see that they have been cleared in most cases (unless there is a process that is resetting the values)
Also, just to check/confirm - the syntax is page numbers as in 1,2,3 not P1,P2,P3
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