Change status for 18 million messages in the Integration Engine

October 11

Hello there!
I have the following situation and I wonder that maybe you could help. Currently I have more than 18 million messages for the BC_XMB object in the Integration Engine for a BI System (connected to a PI system).
The problem here is that the archiving/deletion jobs in this BI system are faulty since maybe a couple of years ago and all of these messages are marked as "Archivable":
What I'm trying to do here is to change the status for these 18 million messages from "can be archived" to "to be deleted" since there is no way that I can archive this 18 million messages (filesystem capacity). I've been looking many option but I cannot figure out how to do it.
Maybe, if you know an alternative way to do this, I will be very pleased to hear it.
Thanks a lot in advance.



I've done the following:
1. I've executed SE38 tx code.
2. I've entered the "RSXMB_DELETE_MESSAGES" report as "Program"
3. As the "RSXMB_DELETE_MESSAGES" report does not have a selection screen, it must be executed with default parameters. So, I selected "Program -> Execute -> Background".
4. There are no available variants, so I clicked on the "Execute immed." button.
5. The job starts. I can monitor it on the SM37 tx code.
6. It only deleted 20 messages.
What I get from this, is that the "RSXMB_DELETE_MESSAGES" report cannot delete the big part of the messages since them are marked as "Archivable" and not as "Archived".
what do you think of it??

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