Captivate 8 Only Previews Using Internet Explorer Browser

November 30

I'm wondering if this might be an issue related to the firewall pop-up problem, but I haven't seen this particular question on the forums yet, so here goes...
I'm a Windows 8.1 user. No matter what I do (Google Chrome is set as default browser, html files are set to open with chrome by default, blah blah) Captivate 8 ONLY launches my IE11 browser when I preview my projects. This is a particular annoyance since I like to use Edge Inspect, and I can't because the Edge Inspect preview option even launches my IE11 browser. Very strange. I know how to USE Edge Inspect - I use it all the time with Brackets (and former Edge Code) when building websites - so this is not the problem. I have the plug-in installed in my Chrome browser, and I have the Inspect program running etc... Captivate 8 just refuses to launch any other browser other than IE no matter what I do. Project type doesn't matter either - responsive, standard... all the same result. Anyone else have this problem (or better yet - know of a solution)? I couldn't find any default browser options in Captivate itself either (also weird). I'm thinking about trying the firewall pop-up fix to see if that gets rid of the problem (which is another problem I'm having).
I would LIKE to avoid hacking the software, and prefer waiting for a formal fix/update. But so far, I run into nothing but constraints and issues using this program - starting to get pretty annoyed with it to be honest. Seems very cloogie and unpolished to say the least - especially as far as this HTML5 and responsiveness is concerned. Not impressed with any of these "rapid elearning" tools truthfully (Storyline... none of em). I seem to spend all my time trying to get them to do simple things that should be inherent, rather than spending my time developing. Man... really missing the unlimited creative freedom of Flash Pro development for elearning these days. I'm starting to think custom dev using Edge Animate (or Flash Pro to canvas) and real HTML5 pages would actually be easier, but nobody seems to be hiring for custom anymore. May sacrifice the (imo) somewhat gratuitous LMS communication support (why people aren't utilizing their built in LMS test environment is beyond me), but at least I'd have some control over things. Sigh... anyhow, I digress...
Thx for any help ya might have.



Not that this is a help for your situation, but I have noted that my published projects do not play correctly in any browser if I try to launch the index.html file. I have to launch the multiscreen.html version in order to have everything work perfectly.  And it has to be Internet Explorer - doesn't play in Chrome. 

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