Can't sync my apps with the itouch. please help !

November 30

Hello all,
I have tried to find some info in regards to this but no real answer found, if you have a link to this as answered question i would greatly apprecaite it. ok here it is, i have had the itouch for about 7 days. i have tons of music and apps both free and paid from the app store. i have synced the phone numerous times but lately i noticed that it does not sync the latest applications from the computer to my itouch. i have restored/reformated my entire itouch twice this weekend in hopes of ractifying this issue, to no avail. all the apps load right the first time but then if i purchase a new app and sync the itouch it does not show up even tho it states installing/syncing '....' name of the app. i have no idea what to do any suggestions much apprecaited. thank you



it is an itouch, i buy apps from the app store, they are purchased, they show up in my app section but when i try to sync them to my itouch they do not show up in on the itouch. i have tried to atuthorize and deauthorize the computer also few times, rebooted computer and still nothing. when i restore the firmware and have everything reinstall all over again the apps music and such, all show up. however if i buy a new app and try to sync it with the itouch it does not show up despite the fact that the computer states 'installing "......" whatever app. it happens with numerous apps, there is no rhyme and reason to why certain apps just do not show up on the itouch. the authorize/deauthorize deal does nothing to rectify the situtaion. any other ideas ?

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