Can't see email content until i hit reply then is shows up in the reply. Just from several people at the same company

November 30

Can't see email content until I hit reply. Then is shows up in the reply.



I grabbed some pictures of Mail windows from the web to illustrate. This is a typical 10.6.8 Mail presentation, referred to in later versions as "Classic Layout".
Note that the right portion of the mail window is divided into two sub-panes, and that the divider is a bar with a dot in the middle. It is moveable and has been placed midway down the right pane. The actual message text of the currently-selected message is displayed in the bottom portion of the pane.
Contrast to this picture:
In this picture the moveable divider has been moved all the way to the bottom, and the top part of the right pane is the only part showing. The divider with the dot is at the lowest part of the pane.
To "fix", drag the divider with the dot and move it upward to create two sub-panes.

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