Can't import some MP3s into Centrale

November 30

$Can't import some MP3s into Centrale?I've been using Centrale with my X-Fi for a couple of years and have managed to tag and import 000s of mp3s wothout problem. I recently downloaded 2 series of podcasts from Absoluteradio and despite all attempts, can't import them.
I've double checked the tags - no problem. I can drag the podcasts into Centrale and transfer them directly onto the X-Fi and they play fine.
Whenever I try importing them to the library, all that happens is that the message 'transferring to library' flashes up at the bottom of the Centrale window and the counter at the bottom right very quickly counts up from of 30, 2 of 30 etc.. But the?author, album or tracks never actually get imported.
Any idea what could be different about these podcasts? I've checked properties to make sure they're not protected.
If anyone would like to help me diagnose this, the podcasts are at - examples are the Baddiel & Skinner and Dave Gorman series.



Try to play a few of them in another player to verify that they are good MP3s. If so, treat them with a tag cleanup program such as MP3 Validator, and then iTunes will usually accept them.

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