Can't get PS3 controller to work on iMac with Lion with Call of Duty 4.

October 11

I was able to pair my PS3 controller with my iMac, running Lion, but it will not do anything.  I am trying to use it with Call of Duty 4.  My bluetooth says it is connected to the controller.  I really don't have any other games to try it on to see if it is a game compatability issue.  Is this a known problem?  How do I make it work?



There's one more way that the previously-existing Oracle directories on the other machines might be tripping you up - with registry settings. In particular, the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\(some home)NLS_LANG registry key may be associated with the "invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified" error you're getting.
Of course, the Instant Client isn't supposed to have to mess with the registry, so that makes me suspicious. And I got Instant Client SQL*PLUS on a clean XP machine to work without setting an ORACLE_HOME. All this makes me suspicious that some stuff from outside your Instant Client is being run. I know you said you cleaned your environment variables, but double-check that the other Oracle directories are out of your PATH.
If you have permission to, you might want to thoroughly scrub the old Oracles from the other machines (starting with running the Oracle Installer, then hand-cleaning the registry, the c:\Ora92 or whatever directory, and then c:\Program Files\Oracle). If you have MetaLink, Document 74790.1 is a dated but good guide to cleanly de-installing an old Oracle installation from Windows. It's much more difficult than it ought to be; sometimes it feels like an Oracle home is never truly gone. If you can't do that, perhaps save a copy of your registry and then temporarily rename HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE to ORACLE_HIDDEN, or something - something to keep any existing registry settings from distracting your Instant Client.
Good luck!

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