Can't convert videos to MP3 in Windows iTunes

November 30

In the Mac version of iTunes, I can convert a video podcast into an audio-only MP3 file. I do this by highlighting the podcast episode, then going to File and clicking on "Create New Version" then holding down the "option" key to activate the "Convert to MP3."
But when I try this in the Windows version of iTunes, I cannot get "Convert to MP3" to activate. Instead, it remains grayed out and nonfunctional. My Windows keyboard doesn't have an "option" key and neither the "ctrl" key nor the Windows key nor the "alt" key will activate the command.
So how do I get "Convert to MP3" command to activate.


This is SUPER, what I use to convert videos. All the settings I have selected are what I used to get the video to work. The problem I had before is that someone told me that the iPod uses MPEG-4 video, and I assumed that .mp4 was the file extension(Output Container sets what the file extension will be) for MPEG-4. Turns out, it's not. The OUTPUT VIDEO CODEC needed to be MPEG-4, but what I had it set to was H.264/AVC. So the Output Container was right, just not the Output Video Codec.
So basically, the fix is to just use the right settings Which, if you use SUPER, is everything I have shown(Adjust the bitrates to your liking. More is higher quality, less battery life. I just watched "Wanted" last night with those current settings, and it looked and sounded alright, but I'll probably put the audio up to the next level for any future movies).

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