Can I play Call of Duty Ghosts on my iMac (21,5" late 2013) with Windows 7 and Parallels

October 11

Hey there,
I Have an iMac 21,5" 8GB RAM 1024MB 2,9Ghz. I buyed it in Feburary. I want to play Call of Duty Ghosts on my iMac i use Win7 with Parallels. I don't know if it works? I already have Skyrim and Fifa 14 and they work very well. So I want to ask you if i could play CoD Ghosts without any problems.
p.s. I dont really want to use Bootcamp only when ther is no other option.
Thank you



The simple answer is yes. As long as the computer meets the minimum system requirements.
The long answer is....maybe.
Parallels is a Virtual Machine for Windows, meaning that it runs on the Mac OS X Software. Bootcamp repartitions your HD and utilizes just the Mac's Hardware to run Windows using its own OS system files.
If you have 2 games already that run in Parallels right now with no issues, then I don't see why this new game would not work. However if it does not, you may want to consider a Bootcamp parition in order to keep your Windows and Mac OS X partitions separate in the event of any OS problems.
Good luck!

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