Can i install mac osx back again after installing windows 7 on my mac book a1181?

November 30

i have apple mac book a1181 white, but i had problem logging on as it was secured by a password, and i allready lost my recovery dvd, so i installed windows 7 on my mac book a1181 by deleting its partition from GTP to NTFS but i experienced problems after installing windows 7 as sound was not comming as i could not find sound drivers for macintosh, so now i plan again to restore my apple macbook a1181 back by reinstalling mac osx 10.5.8, how can i again install mac osx on my notebook and is it possible to re-install mac on my notebook? please give me some help.



Insert your OS X install disc and restart holding the C key, hold it down until you see the Apple logo and spinning gear. Choose your language and at the next screen from the top menu bar select Utilities-Disk Utility. Select your internal hard drive, click on the Partition tab and select 1 partition. Click on the Options button and select GUID partition scheme. Click OK. Choose to format the drive as Mac OS Extended Journaled. When Disk Utility is done and your drive is properly partitioned and formatted quit DU and go back to the installer screen and reinstall OS X. When you're up and running run software update a couple times to get everything up to date as far as you can with 10.5.8. Then consider upgrading to OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard for $19.99 here

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