Can different apple IDs home share and share i tunes/app purchases?

November 30

Can different apple IDs in a household home share on the devices and share i tunes/app purchases?



Thanks for the reverse thinking Winston, but the thing is my original apple ID is really old, and correspond to an email service provider I no longer trust in terms of stability, availability of the service or which ever other expression you might want to link to reliability.
This is why when I created my iCloud profile and started using multiple OS and OSX devices I decided to have a different ID. One that will help me take advantage of the Cloud benefits, Apple TV, email sync, iTunes Match and everything else.
Apple support told me there will be no problem setting my iCloud ID as my primary; only that the original would remain associated to the store and the credit card.
(BTW; Let’s just remember apple IDs cannot be merged)
The problem now, however, is that somehow everything has gotten mixed between devices. Until the moment I am writing here and at the same time, I am carrying some instructions from another forum:
- In all of your devices:
Sign out from iCloud
Sign out from iTunes
Sign in to iCloud with your preferred apple ID
Sign in to iTunes with your original (credit card related) apple ID
All of your movies, photos, music and so on, should look the same in all devices.
I hope this helps someone.

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