Camera RAW - freezing while editing image and also wont update to new version

October 11

I moved from Mac 10.6.8 computer to a new Mac 10.10 computer. When I did, I transfer of all my files through data migration and it moved photoshop and bridge over for me without having to reinstall. Which was good because I do not have the disc anymore. My Adobe version is CS5. The problem I am having is that when I open large amounts of files within camera RAW (like anything over 15), the camera RAW program freezes. I then have to shut it down and reopen it again. I made sure to try other folders and files and it has happened over 6 times in different locations and different files and different amount of files opening. Any ideas? I noticed that maybe I needed to update my Adobe application because of the computer move, but when I went to the help menu and update, it goes through the entire process of updating all Adobe Applications and fails giving an error message only at the end saying, " There was an error downloading this update. Please quit and try again later."



"Migrating", transferring or copying applications is not just asking for trouble, it's demanding trouble.
Always install from scratch, from the original media, CD/DVD or download.

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