Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - NAT Type

November 30

Afternoon Everyone,
Over the past few months myself and other friends who are on BT have experienced a few issues when playing Call of Duty MW2 online on the PS3.
Our NAT type periodically changes from open to Strict. I've tried every option I can think of and that I have found on other forums. ie putting the PS3 ip in the DMZ turning interleaving off etc.
Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Im using a hub 1.5 and have a 8mb line with approx 3-6mb throughput depending on peak/off peak times.
The only way I have found to resolve this is by rebooting both the PS3 and Hub 3-4 times. 
Any help would be appreciated



This article should help
Its for xbox technically but it should work in the same way for all games consoles (as they all get nat issues) and its how to set up the hub settings optimally. 
Hope this helps

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