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November 30

Is there a way to burn/convert video from iTunes Store? If not then I'm restricted to an iPod as my PMP, and that's proprietary bull...all the things I thought Apple was against (I mean, they ARE using a version of open source Unix as the OS). Are they trying to take their one money maker and push it off on everyone? I remember one company doing that some time ago...I think it's name was Microsoft!



I took some notes regarding the estimated time: iDVD apparently has an unreliable time remaining estimation algorithm.
At 4:43pm it said 8 hours 13 minutes remaining.
At 4:55pm it said 3 hours 17 minutes remaining.
At 5:25pm it said 2 hours 27 minutes remaining.
I returned around 9:00pm and was met with the following error message:
Multiplexer Error
There was an error during building. The disc is still untouched and may be reused later.
I don't know whether this multiplexer error was also the cause of the unreliable time estimation; my next task when I have some free time is to resolve this multiplexer error.
Really, I encounter so many errors using this MacBook Pro (in this post I present three errors I've encountered from one routine use of standard software), it's disenfranchising: I was told by Mac users that they were better than and more reliable than Windows machines, in justifying the higher cost. Instead, I'm finding they're just different, and the higher cost apparently comes from being required to purchase various software that I may never use (e.g. GarageBand and iMovie). I'm not seeing less problems, only different problems. Before this 'Multiplexer Error' I encountered this one (which restarting appeared to resolve, as it increased my hard drive space from something like 6 GB to 8 GB -- for a ~4 GB burn):
Burning preparation error:
Not enough free disk space for encoding the remaining assets.
However, I think I still prefer Mac to Windows (having used Windows from around 1995-2010, and getting this MacBook Pro August 2010 -- I've only used Mac for two years, now): I like how it's Unix-based; I feel like I can do more with it, if I wanted or needed to.

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