Bricked Battery - Pavilion G7 2137 eo

November 30

Hello dear HP forums!
I've bought a pavilion G7 from the Swedish webshop, was super pleased with the fast delivery, and prestanda/price ratio of my product. I was also pleased by the promised international waranty, as I was planning to move to Brasil about 4 months after I bought the computer.
Now, about 9 months after purchace, I find myself with a bricked battery. To clearify:
The battery does not charge at all = does not leave 0% charginglevel.
At startup, before Bios are loaded, I get a Warning-message telling me that "the recorded charging-levels of my battery is low, and might have to be replaced"
In case of a power-outage (a quite frequent occurance, here in Brasil ) My computer is turned of before the cieling lights!
You get the idea, the battery is not working, at all.
During the past month, I've been in contact with the local HP-store, thinking that my broken battery wouldn't prove to be much of a problem with my international warranty.
The Brasilian HP-store, however, replied that since the model I have (Pavilion G7) is not currently sold in Brasil, they also would not perform service-tasks on such a machine. They also told me to contact the store where I bought the machine, together with a link to the American HP-store website.
Since I bought the machine in Sweden, I contacted the Swedish HP-store, via mail, and asked them about the battery.
At first, I recieved the answer that I were to speak with the Brasilian office, and upon explaining that I had already been in contact with the brasilian office, the Swedish HP-store cuncluded that it was "strange" that the brasilians wouldn't help me, and offered to give me a new battery, if I payed for shipment and import-taxes, claiming that the swedish office does not offer services outside of sweden.
Now. I still have about 2.5 months of warranty on my machine. I was told that was an INTERNATIONAL warranty, But somehow it seems to only be valid where I Bought it?
Now I'm quite sure I am entitled to a replacement battery, Im just starting to feel a bit confused as to who to talk to about the matter?
It seems the best answers are to be had here at the forum. so, Forum people, Help me!



I was also hoping for the "free" replacement via the Brazilian office. Especially since both American and Swedish Hp-Store staff told me this should be possible. The Brazilian office however keeps telling me they cant provide support for a model that is not sold in their country. I find this statement a bit odd, at least in this case, since while my exact model might not be sold in brazil, surely there are other models with the same kind of battery in them, which are sold in Brazil.
About the importduty, its hard to know, since I dont know the actual price of a battery. But from what I've heard, import duties in Brazil are quite heavy, Leaving me with the impression I might actually be better of bying a new computer than paying the duties!
This Idea really anoys me, I might be better of bying a new pc, than repearing my HP which still has 3 months left on its warranty (well, 2months and a half right now, as time goes by...)
The swedish office sent me an email today, saying the are closing my case, since they feel they have done everything they can for me. I think this is a result of me objecting the option of paying shipping and import-duties, since my reciet does say "international waranty".
Im I the only one thinking there is something seriosly wrong in this picture?

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