Best Practices for converting SAP HR data (4.7 to ECC)

November 30

Hello Experts ...
We are going from 4.6 to ECC ... no upgrade will be a new implementation ...
I am looking for best practices to convert SAP HR data from one sap instance(4.6) to another(ECC) ...
I am not sure if direct input or LSMW or any other method/tool is the best way ...
Will really appreciate and award point if I can get good advise or documentation ...
Let me know if my question is not clear enough.



You can check SAP Marketplace and there follow the download link. You will require a SAP Marketplace login to download the Best Practices. Fortunately Best practices for ECC 5.00 and 6.00 are available there but they are country specific versions. I know HCM for US is available there.
Reward points, if helpful.

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