Best practice for computer video - de-interlace or not

November 30

I know that there is a lot of discussion on this forum pertaining to interlacing, but after a search I was unable to answer my question(shocking, I know).
I produce distance education classes for a small university. The bulk of our footage is shot on DVCAM or digitized from S-VHS or even 3/4" U-Matic! All of it is captured in NTSC-DV. We output in two formats enhanced DVD (ala e-DVD) and .flv (through Cleaner). My question is this: the majority of our students are going to be viewing these videos on their computers. Is there anything special that we should be doing with the footage in terms of de-interlacing? And if we should de-interlace what settings should we use? And will de-interlacing adversly effect our few students that watch the DVD videos on a set top player?
Thanks in advance for your help and please accept my apologies if I have missed a previous post addressing this question.
BTW, we are using FCS with all softare up to date.
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The answer, I would say, is "it depends". Simple de-interlace throws away half the vertical resolution and doubles up each scanline. Smart de-interlace - like Nattress film effects (60i->30p) - blends the "comb" effect that can happen when viewing interlace material in a progressive (computer monitor) display to leave it looking like motion blur.
You need to look at the material and see if it is problematic when viewed on a progressive display/computer monitor. This would likely be high contrast movement (a bright object moving against a dark background). If the material doesn't look bad, there's no need to go thru the extra processing required to de-interlace. Watching material with smart de-interlacing on an interlace display shouldn't be too bad...

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