Attachments and Emails - Very strange

November 30

Hi There
More often then not, when I attach something to an email, the recipient is just receiving the attachment and not the supporting text written in mail. It looks rude to the recipient who just gets the attachment! Why is this happening?
Has anyone else experienced this?
Please help!



Ernie Stamper wrote:
I have no problems sending to everyone with Plain Text -- I have seen no reason to choose RTF for those with attachments. It has worked for everyone I have provided that advice to.
There is some slight disagreement between etresoft and me in this regard, but not a big deal.
I sent attachments using plain text and never have any problems. Come to think of it, I don't know if I've ever had trouble sending attachments.
However, I have concocted scenarios that caused old versions if Outlook to choke. But I had to manually construct such a message just for that purpose.
I used to be very much into e-mail attachments, but not anymore. It's no fun when you are the only one worried about standards. Even Apple gave up. E-mail is not a technology of the future. It has already peaked and is now in its way down.

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