Another Re-install OS9

October 11

I post this as a new topic as I don't want to frustrate helpful replies to Jeff Dean who posted a similar problem on the 19th November, as my intent is in a slightly different direction.
I have two PBs. The Aluminium has an ability to run Classic but not to boot into OS9. This one, Titanium, had ability to run classic and boot into OS9 as the original installation. Recently like Jeff Dean I have lost OS 9 from the Titanium first noticing it per a broken OS9application item in the main HD list under OSX.
Easy Find cant find any OS9 system files and there is no OS9 boot option in system preferences under OSX.
I note the problem Jeff is having even with the helpful advice coming. Like him I use OS9 less and less but would like to have the boot facility.
I have lots of applications and registrations and internet settings and such so if I do try to 'restore' OS 9 and a boot facility, intend to wait till I feel like a spring clean, as one of Jeffrey's helpers does as a routine, though I don't view it so rather as a tedious grind.
I did post on this item before but am confused by the various options in Apple's advice and the previous help only offered a prospect for Classic, not a boot facility.
I basically got four disks with the PB concerned:
OSX Install (actually 10.1), OS 9 Install (9.2.1, Software Restore 1 and 2 (restoring 10.1 and 9.2.1)
Should I use the restore disks or the Install disks after a erase with zeros to get a bootable OS9 and an OSX. I would the update the OS9 to 9.2.2 from the site?
On updating the OSX can I jump versions by installing ab initio from my Tiger retail disk or do I need to start with the original disks to get OS 9 safely in it's own partition if that is where it lives? I assume that if I do need to start out so, I can go straight from 10.1 to Tiger using said Tiger retail disk. Can I?
If I do use the install disks that came with the PB which OS should I install first?



Hi Robert,
When you go to the system prefereneces on you ti-book does it have an OS9 option icon?
I suspect that you upgraded to Tiger and didn't install 9.
Pop in that system 9 disk and install it.
you can install 9.1 onto the ti-book without worrying about a partition. Then the system preferences will give you the option to boot in 9 if you want, and the same os9 system will function as classic.
Don't make it too hard!

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